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Laser Restoration - A Specialised Science.

Laser restoration on concrete and heritage surfaces.

Laser restoration is a highly detailed, specialised science, with the knowledge of the user and team behind the operation, highly influential in the end result.

Laser science within the restoration sector is an emerging technology, but here at Advanced Laser Cleaning Australia we come with a background in laser science since 2011, in addition to manufacturing, construction, engineering and environmental regulation experience.

We’re the whole package of trade, science, and commercial brain power.

Alternative operators may lack the skill, knowledge and experience required, in our experience, often seeing polished rust, instead of restored surfaces. Poor quality lasers also add to the risk, to the substrate, the environment, and the user.

The knowledge of the operator, the investment in research, design, development of machinery and setup, and the team behind the operations, is crucial for the choosing or the build, and operation of each individual laser.

Things to think about when choosing the right laser specialist for your business include:

  • The capability and quality of the laser source, and machine build

  • The knowledge of light science, and laser sources

  • The knowledge of variable specifications to what output

  • The knowledge of what specifications meet the type of contaminant, and the condition.

  • The knowledge of what specifications meet the type of substrate, and the condition; and

  • The least favourite topic of most, complex algebra and the science of mathematics. 

Another element being technical safety of people within the area of exposure, standard PPE is not applicable in the workings of lasers for restoration.

Laser is a layer by layer detail, with many projects we inspect, having multiple unknown layer below the surface, and the thickness of each layer, unknown, until we complete testing. Each layer is treated differently. There is no one size fits all specification.

In addition to the restoration and removal of contaminants, the extraction and disposal of elements is also a technical consideration, however with us, we leave the air cleaner than what we started with, due to our advanced multi stage extraction system.

With emerging market status, setup and operation costs are at a premium level, due to the insurance and detail of care involved, however when compared to current methods in the market, laser offers our clients a better quality and time value for similar end price points for the desired outcomes.

Our service is an in situ service, coming to you on-site, saving you time and money.

Contact us for an inspection, demo and quote on your restoration, and be assured of not only a high quality technical service, but a client experience that is second to none.


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